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Natural V.S Conventional Skin Care.. How to choose your skin care products

Have you ever wondered whether your skin care products were doing you any good? Well you are not alone! I have been researching for quite some time about the ingredients found on my body care products and I was surprised most of them contained the exact substances that were stated as toxic!

I’ve constantly checked the ingredients of my favorite products out of curiosity to know what they were made of. I mean how did they come up with this incredible smell! Except I have always ended up understanding none, with so many unidentified names and some words I can not even pronounce, unless maybe when I found shea butter or glycerin at the end of the list!

After some research I found some overwhelming and sad facts, most skin and beauty products of GLOBAL brands that we use daily contain toxic ingredients that when used in sufficient amounts for a long period of time can cause many harmful consequences. Some have gone even further to dangerous and potential fatal diseases like cancer.

It is real tragic that we just started to learn about these facts. As consumers, we should be more aware of not just what’s going on in our bodies, but also what we’re putting on our outsides. A further topic will be discussed in details about how to read your products labels and which ingredient is a big NO! This is really important and the more you learn about it the more it will change your life.

The real advantage of using natural over synthetic bath and body products is that they enhance the skin’s natural functions; working in synergy with the skin by utilizing active ingredients that help optimize skin regeneration.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and research proves it capable of absorbing up to 60% of the ingredients in the products we apply. The vast majority of bath and body products available today contain commonly-used synthetic ingredients such as nanoparticles and SLS; these synthetic ingredients have been recognized to cause irritation in some people and may have damaging effects on a the long term.


Natural skin care is characterized with biodegradable high quality natural ingredients, offers sustainability, no petroleum or petroleum by-products, earth friendly formulas, cruelty free in manufacturing and most importantly safe to use.

While Synthetic skin care contains petrochemicals, sulfates, chemical preservatives, harsh detergents, synthetic additives, alcohols, not as effective, can be toxic and often tested on animals.

We know some synthetic is not that bad, and some natural might end up misused. The bottom line is; a product's merits depend on whether its ingredients are proven safe and effective by comprehensive research and whether the concentration and delivery of the ingredients are appropriate.

I’d really love to discuss more about this topic with you. I know many of you have strong opinions on the subject. Do you check your ingredients as well or do you feel I’m being phobic and overthinking? Let me know your opinions!

More about this to follow in our next posts.

Make sure to watch over your skin and remember to Frost Yourself!

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