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A NEW BLOG JUST ARRIVED IN TOWN! Skin Care at it's core

Hello sweets,

Finally our dream came true, you are reading the first post on our blog which has been a dream for quite some time. Probably you are wondering what will this blog be all about, what does it have for me, and that is exactly what we’ll be answering throughout this topic.

We are Body Bakes, a natural handcrafted soap, bath and body production company, started after endless experiments and a dream driven by art, science, inspiration and lots of bubbles! Out of a need to have real natural products that do not look boring and scentless, a need of providing something unique, giving pleasure and indulgence to the customers, being a love mark and a source of delight. With all this in mind Body Bakes came to be!

Body Bakes is founded by a very passionate pharmacist and entrepreneur, Rana Tarbousha. Rana is my friend and I’m going to be your blog writer along with Rana herself, I’m Sally Gabra, an editor and a loving user of Body Bakes’ products.

So, this glowing blog will be our way to share with you beneficial information on body and skin care, providing solutions, tips and insights, topics that affect our daily routines and lifestyles. Besides, we will be posting useful do-it-yourself topics and videos, and keep you updated with expert life and nutritional facts.

Most importantly, this blog is to connect with you more. Thus, you will get to add your comments on every topic posted. Tell us if you like it or if you would like to add any suggestion. We can also write about a topic that you want us to discuss.

So basically if you are one of those beauty and healthy skin fanatics like we are then welcome on board! This is what this whole blog is made up for.

Frostful friends; we would love your comments and reviews to keep up with your expectations through:


Facebook Page:

Body Bakes Website

Keep bubbling and frost yourself!

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