Natural Powder Deodorant

Powder Puff Deodorant

  • Product Info

    Made with natural ingredients this deodorant will protect the underarms, leave it fresh, and exempt them from harsh chemicals.

  • Curious to know why our powder puff?

    1- It has anti bacterial ingredients which fights and kills odor causing bacteria


    2- While antiperspirant deodorants have cancer causing chemicals and block the pores, our Powder Puff Deodorant absorbs excess sweat without blocking the pores


    3- It has a natural whitening effect that tones your under arm skin. 

  • Scrumptious instructions on how to use:

    1. Take a soothing shower using one of our bubbly soaps

    2. Using a soft towel pat your underarms until they are dry

    3. Using your hand or a powder puff, gently apply your favorite scented deodorant on to your underarms 

    4. Enjoy feeling fresh and pampered, and protected for 24 hours