Makeup Remover Soap

  • Product Info

    This product is made of the perfect blend of soap, glycerin and oils with no color and no fragrance for a quick, easy, and no-mess make-up removing

  • Curious to know why our makeup remover soap?

    1- Made of the perfect blend of soap and oils for a quick, easy, and no-mess make-up removing


    2- Does not provide after make up removing panda-eye effect. Also does not stretch and irritate the eyes


    2- No added color or fragrance for the safety of your delicate skin 

    3- This soap can be used for sensitive skin and for people who prefer just soap, this is simplicity at its very best!

  • Delectable instructions on how to use:

    1. Rub soap with hands under water to create foam

    2. Use resulted foam to rub off eye and face make up

    3. Rinse thoroughly with water



    If you have oily skin the Clear Makeup Remover Soap will work best for you 


    If you have dry skin use our Milky Make Up Remover soap to moisturize and rejuvenate your skin