Hands and Body Lotion with Pure Shea Butter

Lotion Mellow with Shea Butter

  • Product Info

    A super rich body lotion with pure shea butter for optimal moisturizing effects. Packed in small convenient containers, perfect for travelling.

  • Curious to know why our lotion mellow?

    1- A super rich body lotion with pure shea butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil for optimal moisturizing effects


    2- This body lotion is fast absorbing with out greasy feeling.


    3- It hydrates, nourishes and protects your delicate skin, while leaving a rich amazing fragrance.


    4-The pure shea butter content provides natural SPF and anti-cellulite effects

  • Sweet instructions on how to use

    1- Whether you are in your room, office or car, grab Body Bakes' handy Lotion Mellow container and just pump out a little portion


    2- Gently massage the lotion onto your delicate skin and feel the magic.


    ​Note: to be used when ever required