Body exfoliator, anti cellulite and anti stretch marks

Coffee Scrub

  • Product Info

    This coffee body scrub will exfoliate all the worn out skin, leaving your skin extra soft and delicious while helping to eliminate all the unwanted cellulite and stretch marks. 


    This coffee scrub contains high content of shea butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil for optimal moisturizing effect. 

  • Curious to know why our Sugar Frost?

    1- Exfoliates all the worn out skin, re-tones the skin and improves skin texture by eliminating stretch marks and cellulite


    2- Showers you with shea butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil that will moisturize your skin leaving it extra soft and silky


    3- Leaves your skin deliciously scented for a long time - good enough to be eaten!

  • Frostful instructions on how to use:

    1- Take a soothing shower with one of our scrumptious soaps

    2. Gently massage our yummy Coffee Scrub on to your skin

    3. Rinse the Coffee Scrub off with warm water

    4. Pat your skin dry

    Note: Make sure to stir the Coffee Scrub before use

    Enjoy the delectable experience and have a BABY-LIKE skin!!