Endulge yourself with one of these natural aromatic hydrating Body Mists with glycerin for ultimate moisturizing and hydrating effects

Body Mist

  • Curious to Know why our Body Mist?

    1- These Body Mists are formulate with natural ingredients to soothe, tone, hydrate and balance the skin; maintaining its natural health and radiance. 


    2- Made with aroma-therapeutic ingredients that will invigorate your senses to brighten your days.


    3- The Glycerin content will reatin the moisture inside your skin and prevent it from drying up, leaving the skin soft and healthy

  • Sweet instructions on how to use:

    1- Shake well before Use

    2-Gently spray on your clean skin after a bath, shower or anytime to refresh and revitalize the skin. 

    3- Store in a cool place away from sunlight

    4- For external use only

    5- Avoid contact with the eyes