Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

  • Product Info

    SCENT, COLOR, SALT and OIL. what could one possibly want more to enjoy a fun, soothing bath! Pamper yourself.. 

  • Curious to know why our bath bombs?

    1- Made with the finest ingredients of salts and oils. A match made in heaven!


    2- These Bath Bombs will fizz as soon as they are dropped into your bath water and make wonders


    3- The salts will relax all your muscles and the oils will moisturize your skin while soaking in a delightful aromatherapy

  • Bubbly instructions on how to use:

    1- Best used after a long day at work to help you unwind from any stress


    2- Fill your bath tub or Jacuzzi with warm water and get your self comfortable with your favorite book


    3- Drop your favorite scented bath bomb into the water and enjoy the sweet infusion of magic while, relaxing your muscles and moisturizing your skin