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Our Story

Once upon a time, not long ago there lived an entrepreneur with a desire to take the world by storm. After long nights of research and countless quests, a dream was born. That dream was driven by art, science, inspiration, and bubbles; lots and lots of bubbles. After endless experiments and an explosion of creativity, Body Bakes came to be. 

Body Bakes is not your average cosmetics line, it is much more than that. Our products are made so that our consumers can be happy about themselves and confident about their safety. Each aspect of our products is handcrafted with our consumer’s preferences in mind. Body Bakes products are unlike any products 
in the market. They are handmade with natural ingredients that leave the skin refreshed and feed the skin the nutrients that it yearns for. Body Bakes refreshes not only the body but also the mind with its delicious aroma. Our products leave your skin soft, healthy, delighted, and glowing. 

We know that our consumers deserve to be pampered with the most luxurious and creative products out there and with Body Bakes that is exactly what they will get. Body Bakes' Products are free from any cancer-causing chemical to ensure customers' safety. This is also re-inforced with our awarness campaigns against these harmful chemicals.


Body Bakes has been in business for over 2 year and offers the highest quality, out of the box natural handmade soap, bath and body products. We are known for our world-class range of products that serve a gap in the market. All of our products look good enough  to eat. 


Cupcake soap, Bath Bombs, Sugar frost body scrub and lotion mellow in fun yummy flavors such as Candy cane, Pinacolada and Bubble Gum. Everything is handmade with love to maintain consistency and ensure attention to detail. We frost every cupcake, sprinkle every piece of candy, and whip every jar of frosting by hand!


Thanks for stopping by!! 

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